The future is uncertain, but it is digital

Here’s the logic: “Education is now the number one economic priority in today’s global economy”— John Naisbitt (1998, Megatrends) Developments in machine learning and AI should deliver truly global education technology So that, by 2030, the largest company on the Internet is going to be a currently unknown education-based company. This is the prediction Thomas... Continue Reading →

The time has come for better subs-based provision in schools.

Some years ago I was asked for proof that teachers wanted subscription-based products. At that time, I could only cite the success of relatively few early educational content innovators such as Teachit (used in over 80% of secondary schools and consistently achieving 80%+ resubscription rates), Espresso and a growing field of subscription products in other... Continue Reading →

Is ed-tech actually teaching us anything?

Do you remember Fuzzy Felt? Little bits of felt cut into shapes that could be stuck onto a background scene — of, say, a farmyard, or hospital? Generations of pre-school children across the world have spent countless hours constructing remarkably similar ‘artworks’, but did they actually learn anything at all through doing this, bar perhaps... Continue Reading →

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